Medio siglo de historia de la revista Rolling Stone

31 de mayo 2017
por Gap Chile.
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Ya son 50 años de hitos musicales junto a la revista Rolling Stone, y pensar que todo comenzó en 1967 con un personaje llamado Jann Wenner y sus amigos amantes del rock & roll juntos en un loft de San Francisco, con poco presupuesto pero grandes ideas…


Medio siglo de historia no es algo menor, y Rolling Stone quizo celebrarlo con un libro que nos muestra las fotografías más emblemáticas de estos tiempos. Entrevistas a personajes como David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Kurt, Beastie Boys y muchos otros que marcaron historia.

Como no dar crédito a los grandes fotógrafos que hicieron este libro posible, como Annie Leibovitz, Mark Seliger, Baron Wolman, Charles Gatewood y David LaChapelle. Hoy, la propia revista seleccionó en su página algunos de los retratos que son parte del libro y nos mostraron algunos extractos de los propios artistas, aquí te dejamos algunas de nuestras fotos favoritas


Rod Stewart, 1973

“Onstage last night… I felt like an old hooker….There does seem to be a lot more ‘take your trousers off,’ like that guy you saw yelling last night. Which is a mystery to me. It makes me feel like a stripteaser.” – “From Gasoline Alley to Park Ave.,” RS 137, June 21st, 1973.


Michael Jackson, 1971

“It takes me about two hours to do one whole song. I do my part first then they [the rest of the Jackson 5] do theirs.” – Michael Jackson, “The Jackson 5: The Men Don’t Know but the Little Girls Understand,” RS 81, April 29th, 1971



Madonna, 1987

“People have this idea that if you’re sexual and beautiful and provocative, then there’s nothing else you could possibly offer. People have always had that image about women.” – “The Madonna Mystique,” RS 508, September 10th 1987.


Nirvana, 1992

“All I need is a break, and my stress will be over with. I’m going to get healthy and start over.” – Kurt Cobain, “Nirvana,” RS 628, April 16th, 1992.


Mick Jagger, 1987

“To be honest, we never set out to make cultural changes.” “Mick Jagger’s 20th Anniversary Interview,” RS 512, November 5th to December 10th, 1987.


Britney Spears, 1999


David Bowie, 1987

“There was a bloke who lived down the road from us who was a Ted – Eric, I think his name was. He had brilliant, curly ginger hair and razor blades in his collar – for purposes of not being molested, I guess, by other Teds. That I found very impressive.” – “Stardust Memories,” RS 498, April 23rd, 1987.


Marilyn Manson, 1996


Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, 1993

“People ask me how I come up with these hits, and I can only say that I know what I like, I’m quick to tell a motherfucker what I don’t like and know what people like to play in their cars.” – Dr. Dre, “Day of the Dre,” RS 666, September 30th, 1993.

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